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The Chitwan National Park is an ideal place for bird watching. Over 550 species of birds have been recorded in the park. The early morning is the best time for bird watching but it is also possible throughout the day. It is due to the fact that Chitwan is situated in the lowlands, many birds flock to this place and the jungle provides an ideal shelter to these birds. Chitwan gets a large amount of bird watchers every year. Some of the rarest birds found in Chitwan are the black chinned Yuhina and the sunbird. The park’s great grasslands provide a good habitat for these birds. You can see the famed swamp francolin, the Bengal florican, the grey-crowned prinia and numerous species of grass warblers. A lot of spiny babblers have also been recorded in the park.

This region is also a breeding place for the spotted eagle. More than 150 birds migrate to Chitwan in the fall. They come from the north and among them, the famous ones are the Spotted Eagle, Eastern Imperial Eagle and Pallas's Fish-eagle. Common sightings include Brahminy ducks and goosanders. Large flocks of bar-headed geese just rest for a few days in February on their way north. As soon as the winter visitors have left in spring, the summer visitors arrive from southern latitudes. The calls of cuckoos herald the start of spring. The colourful Bengal Pittas and several sunbird species are common breeding visitors during monsoon. Among the many flycatcher species the Paradise flycatcher with his long undulating tail in flight is a spectacular sight.